Barcode Printers: A rapid upgrade in your business

Barcode printers are simply those machines intended to design and produce barcodes as per the manufacturer’s interest. Using these printers, you can attach or directly print the barcode label on your physical product. The rapid digitalization in the business field has made barcodes an inevitable need of the hour. So an efficient barcode printer system is a sure add-on to your resources. Unlike the old times, barcode printers are now available in multiple kinds. Technowave realizes the potential boost barcode inventory system can bring in different industries. And as a result, we aim to provide you with numerous top-quality brand barcode technologies from which you can choose the one that fits your needs.

What difference can barcode printers bring to your business?

Third-party involvement in printing the barcode label that you require was popular some years back. But nowadays, since there are a wide variety of barcode printers available on the market, that would be a let-down. Businessmen have started to buck up their assets without outsourcing them. Here are some advantages of using barcode printers for business:

Saves Money: In business, what’s better than having a sensible budget. You can ensure minimum printing wastage of barcodes. An initial investment in a rightly chosen printer may save you from depending on another company.

User-friendly: Barcode printers developed today are very handy and compact. Some of them even have portable printing technology. This will make sure that you don’t have to worry much about training employees to use them. Anyone can easily learn to operate them. You just need to change the settings according to your requirements.

Speed up business: Convenience in bringing barcodes instantly for your work helps to add rapid work progress.

Effective tracking of stock: Barcodes are an integral part of inventory management today. You can track your stock more easily if there is a continuation in the serial numbers. You can be more efficient in managing and tracking your assets.

Error-free work: You can expect very few errors due to the absence of manual data entry. You can more effectively compare and comprehend the stock details with data already available. Instead of piles of documents stuffed in a cupboard, you can store all the information safely in a digital medium.

Customer Satisfaction: Quality customer service is key to success for any business. You can provide a better purchase experience for your customers. Barcodes make it simple to track down products to check for availability. Therefore, customer complaints can be easily rectified as you can accurately track down the product at fault. The more sound customer service you can provide, the more customers you attract and retain.

How to find the best Barcode printers?

The best barcode printers for your business depend on your business requirements. Each barcode printer will be different in its function and features. It all depends on which printing technology you want to adopt or the kind of service or product that you have to offer. The quantity and quality you want the label to be in is also a vital factor. To choose which kind you need for your purpose, you must have an understanding of the types of barcode printers available in the market.

How are barcodes classified?

You can opt for Desktop barcode printers if there is a need for only 1000 barcodes a day. It takes up less space and is comparatively easier to handle than industrial ones. These are preferred in small-scale operations, retails, offices, and printing shipping labels.

Industrial barcode printers might be useful when you need a larger volume to print, about 1500- 5000 barcodes. They can print barcodes of any size (up to 8 inches wide). Hence, they are preferred in warehouses, large retail, and manufacturing sites.

Mobile barcode printers are small size printers that can produce high-quality and low-width barcodes. They are very useful if you need to move often.

Which are the printing technologies available?

The most popular and updated printers you will find in today’s market will be thermal printers. The technology used in these may be direct thermal or thermal transfer. Both these technologies are efficient, so your choice will be dependent on the outcome label.

Direct thermal barcode printer uses specially dyed heat-sensitive paper as label media. Wherever the printer head comes in touch with the paper, it turns it black. The blackened paper is itself used as the label. These are quite cheap. If you do not require the barcode to last more than six months, you should prefer this one.

In a thermal transfer barcode printer, label media need not necessarily be paper. It could be any synthetic material too. Instead of directly printing on the label media, the printer head comes in contact with a ribbon made of wax or resin, or both. This ribbon melts on the label media forming the code required. It is very costly and requires additional materials for the operation. But you can be sure that the barcodes will be durable and resistant to heat, chemicals, and sunlight.

You should make sure that each accessory that is related to the barcode printer (like ribbon, printer head, ink) is compatible with it. An on-time printhead replacement will save a lot of your maintenance money and time. Also, remember to check how well-connected your barcode printer is with the system software.

Where are Barcodes useful?

Every industry that exists can be integrated with a barcode inventory system as asset management and tracking is common in all. Barcodes are associated with two aspects: inventory control and asset tracking. The former deals with the quantity and details of stocks, while the latter deals with tracking the movement of these stocks.

Here are some applications of barcode printers in business:

Healthcare: Barcodes can be used for patient identification, drug storage and tracking, data entry in hospitals. Barcodes tend to be highly accurate, reducing errors in the entry of data. These aspects can be very helpful for avoiding medical negligence of patient data handling and shortages of emergency stocks.

Education: Education asset tracking has made teaching an uninterrupted process in schools. In libraries, the handling of books can be made much easier if books are given asset tags. Barcodes are useful in keeping school records of children, answer sheets of exams, and laboratory equipment.

Warehouses: Barcodes provide faster control on stock management. A well-managed warehouse barcode system can automatically perform all manual entries of the stock with specific details like its location in the warehouse.

Small businesses: An efficient inventory control gives you a proper inventory record and thereby enabling seamless purchasing and selling of products. You can monitor the growth of your company through proper data analysis.

Manufacturing: From acquiring raw materials to the final product, in each step, a continuous assessment is possible. By avoiding delays in bringing together raw materials and exercising proper control over the product, the manufacturer could save both time and money.

Government and Military: The data incorporated with such organizations are highly confidential. A barcode system ensures much information is not available to the public eye. At the same time, all necessary ones are available in digital form, secure with the administration.

Logistics services: When you have to manage different data at the same time, you will need to have consistency and accuracy in analyzing each of them. Barcodes allow you to have fewer errors and, at the same time, improve the speed of the whole process.

Barcode Printers An upgrade in your business
Warehouse management made easy with Barcode Printers powered by Technowave


Comparing the required barcode durability, capital available for business, and quality and quantity of barcodes needed, you can wisely choose the barcode printer you need. Any business must purchase barcode printers only from authorized sellers. An improper investment in barcodes can adversely affect your business. Label damages or fraud barcodes may lead to the loss of valuable stock information. Technowave understands how much this much investment means to your business. With our experience, competency, and top-notch service, we guide you in making a successful barcode printer investment. Also, Technowave only partners with top global brands like Datalogic and Zebra so that we can provide you with top-quality products.

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