Top Applications and Uses of Barcode Scanners

Today business-related development is competitive in all aspects. Technology is crucial for effectively meeting the company’s needs, maintaining a good position, and making progress. That intends the selection of the right tool for the proper purpose. One cannot steer clear of the fact that the uses of barcode scanners are indispensable in today’s ultra-competitive business world.

As the barcode scanner has become a part of our day-to-day life, an introduction is not required. A barcode is a pattern that applies to a product, material, etc. A barcode scanner is truly an optical instrument that can easily decode a barcode by reading, and the system can instantly receive scanned information. The barcode scanner helps the complete automation of the data we enter into a system. Later the system processes the same data further and updates through each scan of the product.

Types of barcode scanners and their uses

Now, let’s have a look at the different types of barcodes scanners:

Pen type readers

This scanner is very common in retail shops, and they use cordless connections. It contains a photodiode and a light source at the tip. So, as the light source falls on the barcode, the black bars absorb the light. In addition to that, the white spaces reflect the light detected by the photodiode. As a result, the scanner will decode the created output waveform. They assure inexpensive use and extended durability. Moreover, the scanner needs to stay at a particular angle and move across the barcode at a certain speed. For this, the user may need to practice for perfection.

Laser type barcode scanner

They work on the same method of pen-type readers. While the light source is a laser beam instead of a photodiode, they employ a rotating prism or reciprocating mirror. Hence, they can work even from two feet away. So they can be mounted on the surface to avoid human handshaking.
They are more advanced than the pen-type scanners as it provides faster and exact readings.

LED scanner (CCD scanner)

It measures the emitted ambient light from the barcode. A voltage pattern emerges from the data, and an LED scanner decodes this voltage pattern. It doesn’t have a light source as the other types of barcode scanner contains. They are versatile and more accurate compared to others though the CCD units are expensive. They are regular in retail shops.

Camera barcode scanner

Usually, a 2-D camera barcode scanner scans the two-dimensional barcode. It requires the camera to be auto-focused and kept at a certain distance. The camera consists of several tiny lights arranged. A digital picture of the barcode will be taken and sent to the software.

Cell phone camera-barcode scanner

Phone in-built scanners are standard nowadays. The two-dimensional QR codes won’t require autofocus for a successful scan. A standard scanner cannot read these barcodes.

Applications in business scenarios

In library management system

Barcodes on each book enable the system to update on the availability of the specific books. By installing the barcode scanner in a library, the librarian can get a detailed update regarding the circulated books. The automatic check-in and check-out of the books are possible with reduced staff numbers.

Tracking inventory

Barcodes help in faster recognition of products and the implementation of data. The possibility of error in the front end by manual feeding of data can end up in time consumption and loss of revenue in the industry. In contrast, the barcode scanner makes minimal errors and avoids product order mix-ups. It makes it easier to get the update on the stock as it automates the data during each sale and reduces the labour work on searching for them.

Booking tickets

In theatres, hotels, etc., billing is a time-consuming process, and you also might have to stand in a queue. By using e-billing services, the bills get a barcode or a QR code, which decodes easily with a scanner available with the authorities to check the validity.

Billing desk

It reduces the possible errors that may happen in the manual feeding of data in billing. The uses of barcode scanners in billing desks include quick scan and data capture, allowing the staff to check the available discounts.

For biometry in offices

The employees working in a firm have to update the attendance and working hours daily. It would be possible by scanning the barcode attached with their ID cards rather than wasting time in manual entry.

How Can Business Benefit From A Barcode Scanner?

Top applications and uses of barcode scanners

The cost-effectiveness of the barcode scanners is inevitable as it requires less revenue for installation.
Due to simple programming, the barcode scanner is more accessible to implement than the others, making the staff’s training easier. Additionally, barcoding technology reduces the valuable time taken for the manual entering of data.

The variation in the value that can occur by human intervention will reduce. Therefore, it helps in faster money transactions and reduces the risk of carrying money. To a large extent, records of data get updated quickly. The growth of technology and improvisation assures development.

Uses of barcode scanners in industry

In manufacturing and material handling industries

A barcode scanner offers the ability to track the assets of the company. It provides an overall brief about the stocks kept in the warehouse. Moreover, the raw materials used in the industry have to reach various segments in themselves. Accordingly, the labelling must be faultless in the process. Hence, it reduces the processing time and revenue consumption.

For increasing the revenue, it is necessary to avoid possible mistakes as much as possible and meet their needs on time to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, tracking the incoming and outgoing shipments without fail helps in time management. Meanwhile, the execution of work gets automated, the labour cost reduces.

In schools

It majorly comprises asset tracking of laptops, lab equipment, machines, etc. It enables the teachers or the staff liable to the security of their assets, including the craft, to track them. In libraries, barcode scanning technology helps in getting track of missing books and stock. Barcoding scanners ensure easy detection of students who enter and leave the library along with full details.

Health care sector

It includes tracking inventory of surgical equipment, samples of patients, pharmaceutical products, etc. Using wristband barcodes, a doctor can easily confirm that the treatment goes well in a correct manner. The medications provided before can be easily tracked with these barcodes.

Government affairs and military

They handle highly confidential data regarding the nation carefully so that it doesn’t reach the public. Any fault in the data recording or leakage may end up in legal issues. Barcodes help in keeping the data within the officials secured.


In logistics, a person may be responsible for handling many products simultaneously, which can cause errors and end up delivering the incorrect ones. The application of a barcode scanner in this scenario automates the data with minimal error.

In retails

The implication of a barcode in each product will reduce the time consumption in typing the bill and makes it easier to get the details of stock remaining in the shop. By placing a sensor based on a barcode system on the exit averts shoplifting. In addition to that, monitoring the applied discounts to each product and its validity is possible using this technology, consequently reducing labour costs.


The uses of barcode scanners prove vital in regulating many organisational aspects. It can handle more formation very efficiently than other methods with low-cost implementation. Moreover, it helps to cut the inventory costs. Even in the future, the improvisation of the barcode scanning technology seems to be possible. So until the development of a more improvising or challenging technology, usage of barcode scanning will continue. Technowave group, with its industry-leading Auto-ID services, collaborates with data giants such as Datalogic and Zebra tech to provide cutting-edge barcode scanners for almost all industries.

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