Efficient management and tracking of jewellery with RFID system

The demand for automation has seen a boom in the 21st century. Advancement in the field of information technology also helped in automating tasks. As computers allow human beings to simplify complex calculations and internet connectivity to enable growth in productivity, the pairing of RFID with computers helps to make your tedious tasks simple.

RFID technology uses tags that act as reading/write devices and consist of details related to the monitored item. RFID scanners decode the radiofrequency radiation emitted by the tags for obtaining the details regarding the item. Connecting RFID readers to inventory management systems helps in the decoding and sharing of data without any errors.

There are two types of RFID tags, Active and Passive. Active tags have a longer range compared to their passive counterparts. Asset management and real-time location tracking make use of active tags due to their higher scanning range. In contrast, inventory management and supply chain use passive RFID tags. Its short range is suitable for these applications. Jewellery management system also makes use of passive RFID tags because passive RFID tags are more secure.

RFID technology is also efficient in managing and tracking jewellery by minimising the risk of misplacement or loss of items. The adoption of RFID in jewellery tracking and stock management helped the authorities to save the time invested in the manual stock calculation. This blog lets you know more about the efficient management and tracking of jewellery with RFID jewellery management systems.

How RFID technology minimises the risk of managing and tracking jewellery?

RFID technology minimises the risk of managing and tracking jewellery

If you require a good and efficient jewellery inventory management system, then you require varying levels of up-front investment. For that, you need a unique number somehow permanently affixed to the jewellery and a database that maintains a record of the jewellery’s location.

RFID jewellery management systems and solutions attach effective labels on your inventories which helps to track them easily. Once attached, it is not possible to remove the RFID tag unless deactivated. By tracking this tag, you can detect any tampering or misplacement by using an RFID reader. That is, RFID technology provides fast and accurate solutions for tracking your jewellery, which reduces the labour cost.

You can even electronically trace stolen jewellery and can track items as they arrive or moved to a particular location in real-time. Checking CCTV footage while missing your inventory is not practical today. The real solution is by using RFID jewellery management and tracking systems.

Jewellery is the most valuable asset in our country today. That’s why jewellery companies and manufacturers make use of the right and appropriate solution to solve the trouble caused by managing them. The RFID system to track and manage jewellery gives excellent support for those who manage these precious assets. It keeps track of inventory and effortlessly manages the inventories. So they can maintain a proper record without any errors or hassles.

RFID also helps in better customer attraction to jewellery stores. The main marketing tactic for jewellery stores is to attract customers using their best designs for display. Due to the presence of RFID tags in every item, it is easy for the jewellery management to track the number of occasions the customer requests an item. This helps the management to find the items with most customer demand and place those items for display. In this way, RFID also helps in marketing and business intelligence.

Advantages of using RFID for managing and tracking jewellery

Advantages of using RFID for managing and tracking jewellery

Here are some of the advantages of using RFID tracking and management systems in managing jewellery.

  • RFID technology allows you to keenly monitor and track your inventories and jewellery assets.
  • It can replace all time-consuming manual processes.
  • This technology provides an end-to-end solution from the first inventory to the final sales of the item.
  • It makes all difficult tasks of object traceability quick and precise.
  • Increase the efficiency and improve the working conditions. Thus, it delivers a more accurate inventory management system.
  • There is no need for the RFID reader and RFID tag to be in line for a successful scan. This helps in preventing scanning misses due to covered or dirty tags.
  • The use of RFID tags also increases the rate of billing in counters which reduces customer waiting time.
  • Since it makes use of real-time information, you will get constant and regular updates regarding your inventories.
  • Reusable RFID tags can be used on another item after the sale of the first one. This helps in reducing the operating cost.
  • RFID helps in the tracing of unauthorised movement of jewellery, hence preventing loss or theft.

Real-time RFID jewellery management system

In the case of jewellery management, we are dealing with valuable goods. Due to this reason, loss or misplacement of a small number of items causes a lot of financial burden to the enterprise. This proves the importance of real-time tracking of goods.

Due to the development of various management systems using RFID, real-time tracking has become an easy task. For tracking precious commodities like jewellery, smart shelves are developed. These shelves use RFID tags attached to the commodities to track the real-time position of the goods. This helps in easy tracking of items in case of misplacement.

These shelves also alert the authorities if it detects any unauthorised movement in the goods. This is a security feature that is very useful for managing valuable items such as jewellery. These alerts also help the jewellery owners to protect their items from theft.

Smart shelves also help in automated inventory update using RFID. Manual scanning of every RFID tag is not necessary. As soon as the item is placed on the shelf, the tag gets automatically scanned, and the position is updated in the inventory management system.

Tracking and monitoring of jewellery are also done with the help of handheld inventory scanners. This helps scanning of precious items without removing their secure packaging or place. Even moving such items for scanning may cause damage. We can avoid this wear and tear by using handheld RFID scanners.

Gold, diamonds and jewellery are precious items and require constant monitoring. The use of RFID tags helps to identify even the small items in display trays of small envelopes. This made many jewellery managements invest a significant amount of money in RFID technology.

easyTRACK Jewellery Managment System – an overview!

Technowave is a group of innovative people with innovative ideas. They provide affordable security systems and data capture technology solutions, offering a suite of enterprise mobility applications. By utilising the advantages of RFID technology, Technowave addresses specific business needs such as inventory tracking, asset tracking, and warehouse automation.

Technowave’s easyTRACK RFID Jewellery management system helps you to easily and precisely manage and track all your jewellery inventories. This advanced tracking technology reduces the most time-consuming processes in jewellery management. easyTRACK jewellery tracking with RFID technology helps you to manage and track your jewellery inventories and items accurately and with unmatched speed.

The most important feature of this RFID solution is that it is designed with reusable RFID tags and labels. The main advantage is the wireless update and validation of the stock, which reduces the stock calculation time and increases the time available for sales. The main vision of the easyTRACK jewellery tracking system with RFID technology is the complete elimination of monotonous manual stock counting. \

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