How to select the best RFID tags supplier for your business

How to select the best RFID tags supplier for your business

How to select the best RFID tags supplier for your business

RFID is the shortened form of “Radio Frequency Identification”. It is a technology in which digital data is encoded within an RFID tag and is captured by an RFID reader through radio waves. For the past few decades, different sectors have used RFID technology for managing and tracking their assets. The reason for this popularity of RFID technology is its comfort of use and the ability to track every detail. The use of RFID also not only helped enterprises to reduce labour costs but also increased their revenue.

RFID technology has many similarities with barcoding systems. But in a barcoding system, the barcode scanners scan the data included in the barcodes or labels and store it in databases. For asset tracking and management, RFID technology is much more useful and accurate than barcode asset tracking software. This is due to the ability of the RFID reader to scan tags that are outside the line of sight. But when we consider the barcode scanning system, barcodes or labels must be in the line of sight with the scanner.

Day by day, the usage of RFID technology is increasing, and as of now, it’s in huge demand. Every industry and sector is gaining astonishing results with the help of RFID systems. The main principle behind RFID technology is Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). AIDC includes the methods such as identification of objects, collection of data, and storing those collected data directly in the computer. Also, RFID technology requires little or no human intervention.

The most important three components of the whole RFID system are the RFID tag, RFID reader, and antenna. This blog lets you know more about RFID tags and how to select the best RFID tags supplier for your business.

An overview of RFID tags

An RFID tag is one of the most important components in an RFID system. These tags or labels include ICs or integrated circuits and an antenna. These antennas transmit data to the interrogator. That is, an RFID reader collects data from RFID tags, and then they are transmitted to a host computer or other devices connected with the RFID system. Those collected data are stored in the computer system and analysed later. In short, RFID tags are a tracking system to identify items. They make use of radio waves and radiofrequency technology to transmit data into an RFID reader. Warehouse management, logistics, military, airport management, etc., are some of the sectors which make use of the advantages offered by RFID technology.

Working of RFID tags

As mentioned above, wireless transmission of data takes place between the RFID tag and RFID scanner. So it works to transmit and receive data through an antenna included in it. It may also include an integrated circuit and a microchip. This microchip included in both RFID tag and RFID reader is written with the information required for the user. The two types of RFID tags are battery operated and passive. The main component of a battery-operated RFID tag is an onboard battery. The inboard batter acts as the power supply to the battery-operated RFID tags. In the case of passive RFID tags, it works by transmitting electromagnetic energy from an RFID reader. Mainly, passive RFID tags transmit three main frequencies, such as 125-134 kHz, 13.56 MHz, and 865-960 MHz, while battery-operated RFID tags transmit 433 MHz or 915 MHz.

How to choose the best RFID tag suppliers?

Selecting the best RFID tags suppliers

RFID tags play a major role in supply management and tracking. It is helpful in the acquisition of raw materials, transportation, management, warehousing, and even manufacturing. But selecting the best RFID tags suppliers is a tedious task.

RFID tags supplier’s reputation and credibility

The credibility and reputation of the RFID tags suppliers are very important. So before purchasing the tag, you have to check whether the supplier has a valid licence for selling RFID equipment. A good and reputed RFID tags supplier provides the customers with a high-quality RFID system. Thus choosing the right, credible RFID tags supplier can save your enterprise from incurring financial losses.

Diversity of products offered by the supplier

Vast collections within the supplier are important while purchasing any product. This helps us to select the aptest one according to our needs. So while selecting an RFID tag, it’s very important to select a supplier who has a wide variety of both active and passive tags. Thus you can choose the right RFID tag according to your requirement.

The durability of RFID tags

RFID tags are used in a diversity of environmental conditions, and they are meant for rough use. You can choose the RFID tag manufactured for specific environmental conditions. This includes tags able to withstand higher temperatures, manage high pressure and those suitable for rugged use. Selecting tags in this way can increase the durability of the tags.

Cost of the RFID tags

The cost of the product is always a very important factor that a buyer takes into consideration. RFID tags suppliers that offer the most advanced and sophisticated features at a reasonable price are to be taken into account. Doing so will reduce the investment that we make for RFID technology with a better rate of return.

Positive reviews

Before choosing an RFID tags supplier to purchase an RFID system, read reviews about the supplier. You can search google or can ask previous customers of the same company or supplier to know about the quality of the product they deliver. This will be useful for you to get an analysis of their products and quality.

RFID tags and solutions by Technowave

Technowave is a group of innovative people focusing on Auto ID technology. Technowave offers a diversity of RFID and barcode solutions to choose from. This offering helps the customers to meet their business needs in inventory tracking, apparel and jewellery tracking, warehouse automation, stock count automation, etc. Technowave consists of a strong team of experienced professionals who are capable of handling disparate needs in the AIDC industry.

Technowave introduced software like easyTRACK asset tracking, easyTRACK inventory tracking, easyTRACK warehouse management, easyTRACK jewellery tracking, and easyTRACK apparel tracking to meet customer satisfaction and their needs.

easyTRACK warehouse management is software that helps to reduce the need for manual checking of the products coming to and fro the warehouse. To know which items are present in the specified location and track the inventories, retailers can use Technowave’s easyTRACK inventory tracking system. Also, the stock identification process is simplified by using easyTRACK apparel tracking software. Thus, rapid stock counting and data storage processes are easy to perform and do not need any manual effort. For better allocation of your assets and resources, one can make use of easyTRACK asset tracking software. This software analyses and keeps a digital record of all the assets and inventories under maintenance. This reduces the time consumption due to the intervention of humans.

Technowave has knocked together with one of the top global brands like Datalogic for its range of Barcode Scanners and Mobile PDT’s. Technowave also partners with Zebra Technologies Corporation for the development of advanced barcode label printers, price checkers and symbol PDTs.

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