Apparel Tracking

easyTRACK apparel tracking is an innovative solution making use of RFID tags and labels/ smart pin- Nova pin, which encapsulates the synergy of EAS and RFID technology convergence. easyTRACK is a total solution to ensure remarkable saving in time spent for tagging, labeling, POS, Stock counting, etc. Now no more dedicated tags for EAS and POS. An additional reader at checkout avoids even scanning to generate sales invoice. easyTRACK facilitates straight forward integration of Nova smart pins to your existing application. The tags used in easyTRACK solution is pre bar coded with the same RFID code. This enables the use of your existing Wi-Fi mobile terminals for linking the respective ID’s in the system, results in significant reduction of investment of RFID readers for read / write applications at the stores. Key Benefits

  • Significant reduction in tagging and labeling
  • Freedom in converting, attaching, coding, deactivation & disposal of RFID inlay
  • Reduction in cost of cosumables
  • Faster and reliable stock count and transfer using RFID
  • Instant reports
  • Reduction in internal shrinkage