Centre for Retail Intelligence (CRI) - A great opportunity to experience Retail Innovation!

“The ultimate destination for a live showcase of Technowave’s technology solutions portfolio in action” Learn how to leverage RFID & barcode technologies that can help transform your retail store operations. You can experience in-store automation in real time covering day-to-day operational challenges. An ideal facility to interact with our consultants and share their knowledge of best practices and effective strategies to gain competitive advantage.

Better retail performance is driven by better Inventory Intelligence which ultimately leads to better efficiency and profitability. Whatever be your business needs seeing it in real time in the actual retail environment gives you the opportunity to better understand the automation process and live through the experience. The CRI is equipped with state of the art technology to help you experience every aspect of In-Store Automation – be it item search, shelf replenishment, display stock, stock/cycle count, reduced shrinkage or supporting store operations optimization solutions like electronic shelf labelling, price checkers and Q busting.

You can also see a variety of complementary technologies for automated goods receiving, apparel and jewellery tracking and asset tracking system. Our security solutions on display range from anti theft systems, digital surveillance security, and biometric security systems.

Besides, the centre is equipped with traffic intelligence system solutions to provide valuable shopper tracking information that can be used to measure buying behaviour and demographic profiling for better conversion rates through improved merchandizing and marketing campaigns to drive sales.

Technology briefings coupled with interactive product demos can be organized to give you greater insight into the practical aspects of deploying such solutions in your particular environment. The facility can also be used for R&D, training and product briefing sessions all to suit the varied requirements of every individual customer. The CRI is located on Shiekh Zayed Road Dubai’s prestigious business district and is operational all through the year for your convenience. You can schedule a visit through the appointment registration option on our website or send us a mail and you will receive a confirmation based on the time and date requested.