Jewellery Tracking

Daily stock count of jewelry items with bar-coding technology is time consuming. Rectification of errors takes much longer time as the entire stocks needs to be rescanned to locate missing items. easyTRACK Jewelry tracking with RFID technology helps you manage your inventory with unmatched speed and accuracy. Key features of the solution include,

  • Aesthetically designed re-usable RFID tags and labels.
  • Search for missing items is made easy.
  • Wireless update and validation
  • On the Spot
  • Reduced stock count time leads to increased sales time


  • Reusable UHF Passive RFID tags
  • Scan trays of inventory quickly and in bulk to compare with current stock
  • Portable Data Terminals with Integrated barcode scanners.
  • Customizable application running on portable terminals.
  • Simple and straight forward integration with existing jewelry application
  • Variety of readers to choose from
  • Supported by intelligent back end application


  • Complete elimination of monotonous manual stock counting.
  • Reduced stock count time; leads to extended sales time.
  • Sale line trays can be scanned multiple trays at a time to transfer v goods to a sales rep or receive goods back. Optional discrepancy v report may be generated after receiving goods back.
  • Facility to add more value added solutions.