Le Meridien

Based in Kochi, India, Le Meridien is a super deluxe 5-star hotel catering to both tourists and business travellers. The MFAR group runs the property that boasts of several multi-cuisine and speciality outlets. Besides, it has super decorated lodging facilities and amenities that are top class. Being in the top niche, the hotel has elaborate departmental divisions.

Each department has its assets in furniture, electronic gadgets & devices apart from the usual office assets. With more than 200 rooms in the property, the hotel is ultra-large. Hence, the assets – both tangible & intangible – are in large numbers. 

Their Problem

With an absence of an automated system, the hotel faced a massive issue in managing its assets. It found it tough to conduct their inventory regularly in an organised manner. With manual labour in this regard, the hotel authority had to contend with frequent mismanagement of its assets. 

The occasional inventory used to contain human errors resulting in a loss for the company. In addition, the visibility was missing, and there was no way to schedule their use & necessary maintenance. This led to a situation where the assets of the hotel started getting underutilised. It also led to some of the reporting operation issues due to lack of use.

Moreover, there was a complete absence of accountability for the assets. This led to an inflated balance sheet of the hotel company. It also created unnecessary pressure on the workforce. 

Our Soultion

The time had come when the authorities of the hotel had to act. It took a brilliant decision by entering into a business agreement with Technowave. The hotel entrusted Technowave with the responsibility of sorting out the asset management issue at hand. The company judiciously employed its easyTRACK’s FATS software for the purpose. With this, Technowave smoothed out the tracking, management & accountability issues with precision. Plus, Technowave chose to carry out its asset management methodology. This had the option to screen and fast track both resource development and resource portion accurately. 

The automation did this with entire perception & visibility, consequently upgrading the University’s resource use. It likewise set up a vital resource life cycle mechanism. This represented a collective agreement of proclaiming, securing, depreciating, up-keeping, removing and auditing the resources. 


Technowave introduced unification structures to conjoin the application web and the information base servers with the focal organisation to achieve this. Also, it directed the PCs, hand-held terminals and standardised tag printers through a similar organisation. With ideal information security and dependability, the hotel could now gain legitimate resource history information. It was also able to review things rapidly and precisely. Furthermore, the fixed resource management of Technowave delivered helpful information about adaptable reports. This led to the hotel embracing customisable data export & import strategies and efficient approval frameworks. 

Technowave also implemented its revolutionary resource register on the central server of the hotel. This electronic archive dealt with printing the resource labels and recording the exchange of the resources & assets. It likewise administered the resource evaluating methodology. This prompted a consistent exchange, upkeep and movement of the hotel’s assets. 

The application also supervised the labour force to manage the actual tasks of the automated support capacities physically. Henceforth, the resource examining tasks and basic checks during the resource support plans got computerised. This aided the University in saving time and consumption along these lines hoisting their benefit and efficiency.

How companies in a similar field can use Technowave services to grow

Besides similar hospitality properties, almost all business organisations stand to benefit from Technowave’s innovation. The RFID innovation gadgets of Technowave are genuinely a-list. The variety of RFID devices, labels, chips, readers and scanners can super organise the inventory network. Their delicate understanding potential and the quick transmission of signs can work without obstacles. They will render greater flexibility to how companies track, store and manage their merchandise. In addition, their RFID range of gadgets & devices will schedule important maintenance exercises for the assets. Thus, it should be prudent to say that Technowave has an answer for every single asset management problem. 

Technowave understands the significance of stock administration in business entities. The company manufactures a wide range of fingerprint scanners, access regulation gadgets, RFID devices and barcoding scanners. They are customised superlatively that can enhance the management of the organisation’s resources. Both small scale and huge endeavours can profit from the contributions of Technowave. Scope of the organisation’s items merits notices here. In the first place, the unique finger impression scanners and the entrance control and guideline structures are ideal for a wide range of organisations. Moreover, mechanising registration methods can be a great guide to human asset tasks. 

Additionally, standardised identification printers and scanners can be great GPS beacons for organisations with an intricate store network. Associations can do well with the utility of these scanners in following the trajectory of their products and the raw materials within the supply chain. Apart from extending accurate inventory, they can be helpful to companies in competitively pricing their products. As a result, organisations can profit by keeping the cost of their items low.


The industrious R&D with a sharp vision of advancement, Technowave has initiated a fresh wave in asset management & tracking. The company has astutely pursued its innovation as per the dominant issues that organisations face. Their asset management software & RFID devices include savvy labels, readers & super-sensitive sensors. These possess added comprehensibility for extreme assistance and task fulfilment.

The biometric arrangements, finger impression sensors, standardised identification printers and a large group of Technowave’s RFID contributions upgrade the asset management capacities. In addition, the entrance control systems and time guideline gadgets help in a mechanised registration of the labour force.

Furthermore, the organisation broadens consistent information management reconciliation with its products. This assistance can productively acclimatise the current resources of an association with the organisation’s innovation. This will prompt greater responsibility, exactness, perception and subsequently help advance the execution and the yield.