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  • Newland FM3051 Grouper

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    A plug-and-play simplicity enhances your experience right from the start.

    With its snappy barcode reading of virtually any 1D or 2D barcode, the FM3051 Grouper is the perfect response to the trend of barcodes moving from paper to the screen. Built to read from contemporary LCD widescreen devices, the fixed scanner is ideal for mobile phone applications like loyalty programs and ticket validation. Whether it’s an employee scanning a productlabel or a customer scanning a voucher on their mobile phone, barcode scanning is always easy and quick.

  • Newland FM430 Barracuda Specialty Scanner

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    It allows it to pick up on barcodes quickly, making it easy to use, even for inexperienced users.

    The new FM430 Barracuda is Newland’s most aggressive and efficient fixed mount scanner to date, making it a strong all-round solution. It’s equipped with a megapixel camera that scans virtually any 1D and 2D barcode with impressive speed and ease.

  • Newland FR27 Urchin Specialty Scanner

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    Newland continues to define the customer journey in self-scanning.

    The FR27 Urchin, Newlands smallest presentation scanner, strikes the perfect balance between performance and play. Its large scan window and outstanding motion tolerance makes self-service scanning a breeze. All whilst maintaining a small & sleek footprint, fit to enhance your countertop design.

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