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  • Nordic ID EXA31 Portable RFID Reader in Dubai

    Nordic ID EXA31 Portable RFID Reader

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    RAIN RFID Reader Enhancements

    Combine existing Smart Devices with the Nordic ID EXA31 via Bluetooth low energy for optimal UHF RFID performance and data collection that fits your use case. Enjoy the perks of data collection with your own smart device.

    Meet the Nordic ID EXA31 — the compact and lightweight wearable UHF RFID reader that is easily connected to any Smart Device via Bluetooth low energy. Its compact ergonomic design make in motion data collection tasks easier and more comfortable. The Nordic ID EXA31 can be fastened in various ways, even allowing you to keep your hands free so you can fully concentrate on work tasks. This UHF RFID reader is an ideal fit for picking operations and access control management solutions that require the use of both hands. The Nordic ID EXA31 offers optimal read ranges for your specific use cases.

  • Buy Nordic ID online in Dubai, Technowave Group

    Nordic ID EXA21 Portable RFID Reader

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    • Thin and lightweight UHF portable RFID reader
    • Connect to any smart device effortlessly using Nordic ID Smart Pair
    • Smart automatic reading capabilities for effortless operation
    • Enabling distributed mobile PoS applications
    • Make check-out queues a thing of the past by enabling mobile payments


  • Shop MR20 Wearable Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader

    Chainway MR20 Wearable RFID Reader

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    Robust RFID Reading and Writing

    Chainway MR20 is our refined and new generation of wearable Bluetooth UHF reader. Being a compact and portable device, it can be operated together with hand wrap, wristbands, or lanyards and make your work much more flexible and convenient. With a built-in UHF module, Chainway MR20 possesses a powerful data-collection and transmission function via a simple Bluetooth connection with Android or iOS devices.

  • Chainway R5 Wearable RFID Reader

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    Powerful UHF Reading and Writing

    Chainway R5 is a newly-developed wearable UHF reader. Equipped with embedded Impinj E710 / R2000, it enables read distance of over 9m. It allows user information interaction via Bluetooth coordinated with APP or SDK. And it also can be paired with Android/iOS device to expand RFID capability. This RFID reader can be suitable for warehousing, power inspection, asset management, retail, etc., which provides users with more flexibility to efficiently finish their tasks at hand.

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