The University of Bahrain

The University of Bahrain is blessed with a very colossal campus area. Many college units are located within this area. Each college unit has a vast swathe of its assets & resources. These assets consist of vehicles, furniture, machinery, computer systems & IT frameworks, and other intangible items used daily. 

Due to multiple college units, the University needed to maintain efficient maintenance, tracking, and inventory control framework. This is necessary to press the assets into service of all its assets regularly. The hugeness of the operational area and assets called for immediate interventions in management, inventory, and maintenance aspects.

Their Problem

The multiple college buildings in the University area and the scattering of its resources and assets called for an astute management framework. As assets started growing more, the University found it increasingly difficult to track them at the right time. It also created problems in their effective utilisation at the opportune moment. Besides the tracking issue, the University had a load of issues in their inventory management and maintenance. 

There was no data history about the assets, and a total absence of auditing was noted. As a result, maintenance of the assets suffered big time with a lack of a proper scheduling regimen. The result was that the educational entity was facing additional expenses to its capital expenditure regularly. This was indeed an utterly solvable issue with the appropriate application of foresight and some smart knowledge.

Our Solution

It was high time that the University of Bahrain needed to address this situation urgently. So it roped in Technowave, and the change was instantly visible. The company streamlined the tracking issue with the systematic employment of its secure cloud-based asset tracking methodology. 

Technowave decided to implement the fixed asset management framework. This was able to monitor & fast track both asset movement and asset allocation precisely and with complete visibility, thereby enhancing the University’s asset utilisation. It also put into place a robust asset life cycle framework. This accounted for an organised dispensation of reporting, acquisition, depreciation, maintenance, disposal and auditing of the assets.


Technowave installed unification frameworks to conjoin the application web and the database server with the central network to carry this out. Additionally, it routed the computers, hand-held terminals and barcode printers through the same network. With optimal data security & reliability, the University could now benefit from proper asset history data and audit things quickly and accurately. The fixed asset management framework of Technowave rendered export wizard & convenient data import facility, customisable reports and multi-level approval methodologies.

The best part was the organisation and implementation of an automated asset register for the University. This electronic document took care of printing the asset tags and recording the transaction of the assets. It also oversaw the asset auditing procedures. This led to a seamless transaction, maintenance and transfer of the assets. 

The register can even designate a workforce to supervise the physical operations of the maintenance functions manually. Hence, the asset auditing operations and physical verification during the asset maintenance schedules got automated. This helped the University in saving time and expenditure, thereby elevating their profitability & productivity.

How universities around the globe can use Technowave services to grow

SLRB or Bahrain’s Survey & Land Registration Bureau found it challenging to maintain & track its title deeds. Its hydrographic, land & aerial survey services started suffering because the various sections circulated the title deeds. Technowave, by tagging its title deeds with its innovative RFID technology solutions, streamlined the tracking of the title deeds in real-time. It enabled the monitoring of both the unauthorised and the authorised deeds on every floor and desk in the organisation.

The case of Eskan Bank in Bahrain is another instance of how Technowave barged in with its efficient, easy track document tracking software. The exponential increase in the title deeds documents of the bank made the inventory, management and record-keeping extremely difficult. The easy track software simplified the process by completing the tracking and location services of the documents exceptionally convenient.

Another curious case worth mentioning is that of the hotel property Le Meridien in Kochi, India. The huge 5-star hospitality unit has a vast collection of assets in its various departments. Lack of accountability & inventory, and maintenance schedules plagued the property thus, raising their capital expenditure. Technowave stepped in with its FATS software for efficient asset tracking and maintenance to instantly organise things.



The diligent R&D with an eagle’s eye on innovation, Technowave has emerged as the pioneer in asset tracking and management services. The products of the company in this regard range from its ultra-smart tracking software to state-of-the-art RFID solutions. 

The RFID gadgets comprise intelligent tags, sensors and readers with added features and readability for ultimate service and satisfaction. The biometric solutions, fingerprint sensors, barcode printers and a host of Technowave’s RFID offerings optimise the asset management functions. In addition, the access control mechanisms & time regulation devices will aid in an automated check-in & check-out of the workforce.

Additionally, the company extends a seamless data integration facility with its software. This service can efficiently assimilate the existing assets of an organisation with the company’s technology. This will lead to more accountability, accuracy, and visibility, thereby optimising performance and increasing output.