Warehouse Management

A well-structured Warehouse Management system is important for the smooth and efficient operation of any warehouse, irrespective of the size or volume of material it handles. Most of the small and medium warehouses do not require an expensive WMS with redundant features. easyTRACK WMS is a perfect solution on the enterprise mobility for the warehouse management of small and medium enterprises which helps them manage all the essential warehouse functions. easyTRACK warehouse automation software allows the users in warehouse to manage the following operations at their palm.

  • Goods receiving
  • Put away
  • Picking & Palletizing
  • Dispatch
  • Stock count, etc.

easyTRACK WMS Lite Benfits

Challenges in Conventional System

Goods Receiving

Priority Issue ­­­ Multiple Shipments received at a time

Delayed Data entry ­­­ Stock may be available but not available for Sale Dead /Damage/Short supply on arrival not instantly notified.


“goods receiving made easy with GRN on PDT”

Challenges in Conventional System

Put Away

Static/Prefixed Storage allocation­­­Underutilized facility

No Pick Order­­­Unwanted movement of people and WH vehicles

Challenges in Conventional System

Picking & Packing

Identical Items picked­­­Human error

Loosely defined Pick Order­­­Longer and inefficient picking

FIFO / FMFO cannot be ensured­­­•More of person centric than system driven

Challenges in Conventional System


Wrong Item Shipped­­­Results in expensive replacement

Dispatch Summary not readily available