Where to buy barcode scanners in delhi

Where to buy barcode scanners in Delhi

For a lot of us, grocery shopping is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. At some or the other point in your life, you might have been out grocery shopping. When shopping in a supermarket, you probably have seen the black and white lines on all the products that are on display in the store. It might be merely black and white lines for you, but it is an indispensable part of a lot of businesses. Delhi [...]

Is RFID Inventory Management a Plug and Play Technology

Is RFID Inventory Management a Plug and Play Technology?

Today, computers are an inevitable part of our life. Most of us have an obsession with technology, so we often buy the latest accessories to boost our computer’s performance. Nowadays, the installation procedures of these accessories have become much more uniform compared to the early 2000s, but still, there are differences. We need to manually ensure compatibility and install supporting drivers for some devices, whereas the computer will automatically recognise other ones. The latter ones are plug and play [...]

RFID technology in museums

RFID Technology in Museums

Museums are a ticket to the past for understanding your culture, heritage, and how you ended up where you are now. While gazing at M.F.Hussain's "Mother India" or Picasso's "The Weeping Woman", have you ever wondered what's the guarantee for their safety. RFID enabled security systems for museums is the simple answer for that. RFID technology in museums facilitates the monitoring of artwork, prevents thefts, and improves visitors’ experience. Furthermore, they enable proper inventory management in museums and protect [...]

Importance of RFID Asset Management in a Pandemic Environment

Importance of RFID Asset Management in a Pandemic Environment

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an effective and cost-efficient tracking technology that eases the process of asset tracking and inventory management. RFID automates the process of locating and managing valuable assets by attaching an RFID tag with encoded details on the assets. The data captured by an RFID reader finds its way into an innovative asset tracking system. Triggered by the technological surge of the Internet of things, RFID technology has become irreplaceable for businesses. From inventory management to luggage [...]

The future trends of RFID

The future of RFID

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that has revolutionised business infrastructures across the globe. It is a type of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology that helps to identify objects, obtain their data, and store or process them in computers. RFID’s role in assisting workers in relieving themselves of a stress-ridden work environment speaks for itself. A brief overview of RFID RFID makes use of a tag and an RF reader to do the magic it does. [...]

Where to buy barcode scanners in Kerala

Top places to buy Barcode Scanners in Kerala

A barcode scanner or barcode reader is an optical device that can scan the information encoded in a barcode. The scanner's decoder and a sensor coupled with an illumination system scan data on barcodes and send it to the computer. The five main types of barcode scanners are: Pen-Type barcode scanner Laser scanner A Camera Reader/Image scanner CCD scanner Omnidirectional barcode scanners Kerala is one of the states in our country currently experiencing a boom in the industrial sector. Owing to rapid digitalisation, most [...]

Handheld scanners for inventory management

Benefits of Handheld Scanners for Inventory Management

Whether the business is large or small, handling stock is a cumbersome task. It includes a large number of hefty calculations and values, which consume a lot of valuable time. Technology was not so advanced in the past, which makes human brains involved in all these activities. But today, the development of inventory management software simplified the tedious task of handling stock. This paved the way for the invention of inventory scanners. Many iterations in these scanners transformed them [...]

What is rfid asset tracking for business

What is RFID Asset Tracking?

Modern problems require modern solutions Have you heard about the story of cell phone giant Nokia and their sell out in 2013? When every cell phone brand worldwide moved to the Android OS, the mulish decision of Nokia to stick with the Symbian OS was the prime reason for their failure. In 1994, when the barcode was introduced by Wrigley’s, it was the beginning of a revolution in the customer service sector. From the herculean task of using punching cards and [...]

Barcode technology in healthcare

Everything you need to know about Barcode technology in Healthcare

“Any sufficiently used advanced technology is equivalent to magic” as Sir Arthur C Clarke once said, healthcare is experiencing its new wave of revitalization by virtue of all the recent technological developments in the field. From computerized patient registries to robotic prosthesis, 3D bioprinting and magnetic resonance imaging, we have come a long way! This newness is going to keep transforming the industry in ways more than one. What does one realize on witnessing this huge transition? It's beyond [...]

Asset tracking in logistics

Secure, Smart, and Stable: The era of asset tracking in logistics

Know where we stand and move up As we all know, the logistic sector serves as the backbone of every nation. Without a reliable and sustainable supply chain, the country’s growth can fluctuate from peak to deep. In this age of digitisation and mobility, the architecture must require an economically efficient, enhanced, and established mode of business operation. And it’s an exceptionally influential industry in these ghost days of the pandemic. When diverse sectors have gone down, the logistics industry couldn’t [...]