Tag your Assets

Tracking and managing assets efficiently is crucial for proper business operations and maximum returns on investment. Are you pondering on how to tackle the issue? Relax! Technowave’s Asset Tagging Service is the solution for all your needs. Our Asset Tagging Service provides a Barcode-based Asset Label, which is far more consistent than traditional asset tagging methods.

Understanding your system

Before any application deployment or customization, we study your business needs to identify its goals and create systems that efficiently fix your problems. Mainly, Systems analysis tools like use cases will be leveraged to identify and express functional requirements of the system. Through this, we get to know the limitations and what essential changes have to be delivered.

Testing through POC

Any design must be prototyped and tested for its technological, financial, and operational viability before release. As this is a basic need for any product, Technowave brings forth a Proof of Concept (POC) service that documents and demonstrates an application to confirm if it can work in real-world scenarios. We identify potential technical and logistical issues to eliminate anomalies during implementaion.

Know your asset’s value

Tangible assets are often prone to depreciation, with their depreciated value being quite different from their market value. Therefore, it is exigent to check the market value, especially for high-value assets. This is why we have Asset Valuation provision through which valuation of fixed assets can be calculated using methods like Cost Method, Market Value Method, and Standard Cost Method.

Our word to support

Our satisfaction is our responsibility! Technowave provides strong support for all its range of Hardware & Software Products as per the Terms of Sale. A solid team of certified support staff trained in respective technologies and applications is at your service anytime. Our features include Telephonic, Email, and Onsite support anytime during regular business hours, spare replacement in 48 hours, and more.

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