The Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB), Bahrain

The Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB) is Bahrain’s official Land Registration Directorate. It oversees all the hydrographic, aerial and land survey operations to register properties in the real estate. The SLRB is classified into three general directorates, surveying, land registration and information & resource systems. These directorates are in charge of guiding people and entities in the country on all the aspects of acquiring a property. This includes surveying, formalities of registering the land and supplying essential resources and information for the same. It also guides on safeguarding property ownership in Bahrain.

 The long term vision of the bureau aligns with its objectives as listed here:
  • Providing trusted expertise and services in land information
  • Endorse the future requirements of the country
  • Be the topographic information authority in the country
  • Deliver timely & quality services
  • Be & remain a trusted employer with diversity in its workforce
  • Endorse stakeholder relationships and simplify formalities & transactions to exceed the expectations of the clients.
  • Making the bureau an exemplar in the management of spatial information

SLRB seeks to forge and relentlessly enhance the fabric of spatial information also by roping in the private sector. Accordingly, it also regularly undertakes development programs to improve the abilities of its human resource.

Issues at SLRB

Being the sole authority of land registration in Bahrain, SLRB faced the burden of tracking and managing its assets incessantly. Some of the dominant problems that threatened to cripple efficiency at SLRB were:

  • Tracking and maintaining the title deeds of the bureau as they were in large numbers. They were also scattered across the office region on all the desks and the floors.
  • Achieving the best use and utility of all its resources and assets
  • Absence of accountability in the maintenance of its title deeds
  • False designation of work among its human resource owing to arbitrary management of its resources and title deeds.
  • Inability to draft in a cognitive system in its endeavour to be a part of the government’s electronic initiative

These issues, over time, had become persistent and started affecting all the aspects of their operations. Execution delays, lost or misplaced title deeds and processes mismanagement had become rampant. As a result, clients were mistrusting the bureau, and a sense of inefficiency crept in. Being a reputed government body, SLRB had to remove the blot fast.  


Technowave intervention

SLRB contracted Technowave to find a permanent solution to its overriding problems. Accordingly, Technowave ushered in its sophisticated RFID technology, and the results were for everyone to see. The Technowave interventions in this regard were:

  • The bureau could now monitor all its title deeds in real-time irrespective of their location with RFID tracking.
  • The RFID solution enabled the detection of both certified & uncertified movements of SLRB’s title deeds. This led to robust accountability within its human resource in managing the title deeds at the bureau.
  • The RFID tagging accelerated the complicated workflows in the operations leading to faster resolutions of land-related matters.
  • Technowave streamlined and simplified SLRB’s database with pragmatic inventory lists with its asset management tracking framework.


  • The tagging resulted in instant and trustworthy localisation of all the assets of SLRB.
  • It implemented a central server mechanism integrating all its IT systems, thus complying with the government’s e-initiative. This also facilitated a complete digital based process logging of operations in the systems endorsing superior record keeping.
  • The RFID data could now inform SLRB about matters related to maintaining its assets, thereby aiding in their optimum utilisation.
  • The RFID tagging made the systems access related functions visible across the IT platform of the bureau. This way, SLRB benefitted from a more robust access regulation.
  • The automation facilitated a convenient materials management system by prompting regular inventory control.
  • It completely automated the data collection at the bureau and reduced human effort in the process.
  • Technowave’s RFID innovation supported intensive reading without any individual scanning leading to astute time management.
  • SLRB could cross-reference all its assets against their locations and record them as relocated, missing or present. 

The RFID automation at SLRB was crucial. It came when the bureau was grappling with gross mismanagement in its assets and title deeds. But, most importantly, RFID ushered in a complete methodology of data tracking in the bureau.

Benefits of using Technowave’s products

Innovation has been the key to Technowave’s automation solutions. In this regard, a few points are worth noting:

  • The company’s automation products have a higher range with enhancing precision for more informed decision-making processes. The company’s products possess more features in the segment. 
  • They will help reduce the cost, time and resources that manual materials management processes require
  • They will seamlessly facilitate more superior data management & storage.
  • With improved visibility & accuracy, the RFID applications of Technowave will endorse a fast data exchange process implying better communication.

The company’s barcode devices, RFID technology, fingerprint sensors and access mechanisms are among the best in the segment.


At present, data is the key to the achievement of optimum business efficiency. It is the driving factor in the current volatile, ambiguous, uncertain and complex business environment. The relentless pursuit of excellence by Technowave has resulted in automated solutions tailor-made for corporate efficiency. It is an understatement that with Technowave, it is a win-win situation for all.