SmartTAG Color

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The most dramatic, beautiful and clear e-paper label ever created.

A new generation range of display and electronic shelf label (ESL) designed to engage and communicate using superior resolution graphics and stunning bright colors. Pricer’s unique and scalable infrastructure means longer battery life and greater capacity for changes, updates and use of flash meaning that these are the most highly functional and longest lasting displays and ESLs of their type in the industry

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– Fully graphic, 4 color, high resolution displays for maximum engagement & impact
– Uses E-Ink Spectra 3100 e-paper for stunning displays
– Full support for Black, White, Red and Yellow simultaneously
– Highest resolution for beautiful clear graphics
– Full range of sizes from medium/large shelf labels to larger displays
– Up to 10 years battery life
– Multi-color and multi-level flash for different use cases (RGB, Flash types: 4)
– Integrated NFC as standard
– Multiple pages for merchandising and inventory information

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