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  • Sunmi V2 Pro Mobile Computer With Printer

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    SUNMI V2 Pro

    Such a mobile POS terminal was not here yet.
    The first mobile POS terminal with a 5.94-inch
    HD display will make your life simple. Sunmi
    V2 Pro is an ultra-slim concept with only
    13 mm at its narrowest point.

    The Sunmi V2 Pro is produced
    also in the Label print version,
    which allows printing self-adhesive
    labels and additionally contains
    professional 2D scanner.

    With a top-of-the-line design and
    ergonomic body, it fits perfectly
    into your pocket.

    With the anti-slip rear cover, it will never
    fall off the table and even if, the double
    casing will reduce the impact strength.

  • Chainway C75 Mobile Computer With Printer

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    C75 Mobile Computer with Printer

    Mobile Efficient Receipt Printing

    CChainway C75 is a handheld computer with large display and thermal printing. It supports various type of printing cores and enables quick printing of receipt. The built-in dual slots for PSAM cards help in easy encryption of data. And it boasts superb performance, and supports optional NFC, barcode scanning, etc. This mobile computer can be used in various sectors like retail, parking and so forth.

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