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  • Buy Honeywell ScanPal-EDA52 online in Dubai

    Honeywell ScanPal EDA52 Handheld Computer

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    The Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52 is an enterpriseclass mobile computer that provides reliable and
    secure connectivity between frontline workers and
    back-end business systems

    ScanPalEDA52 is Honeywell’s next generation ScanPal series mobile computer equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core 2.0GHz processor and robust wireless connectivity through NFC, Wi-Fi5, Bluetooth5.1 and 4GLTE communication.
    A prominent 5.5-inch Gorilla Glass touch screen interface and ergonomic industrial design help to greatly improve user comfort and experience. Its lightweight and slim design means that users can easily operate the device with one hand, carry it in pockets, and stay comfortable all day.
    The 13-megapixel rear camera allows users to capture high-resolution images for quality image documentation while the 5-megapixel front camera allows users to engage in video communication.
    The EDA52 incorporates the all-new and powerful Honeywell S0703 scan engine which enables fast reading even of damaged or incomplete barcodes.
    Outfitted with a rugged housing and IP67 rated sealing, the EDA52 can operate under rough usage and demanding environmental conditions. A 4500mAh battery allows for prolonged and uninterrupted use between each charge. The battery is also easily removable and supports quick charge 3.0.
    The EDA52 (WWAN version) supports one nano SIM and one e-Sim simultaneously. An eSIM enables simple management of subscriptions to different mobile network carriers, thereby allowing easy switch between carriers without the need to manage multiple physical SIM cards.
    The EDA52 is built on Android11 and can be upgraded to Android13* minimizing maintenance issues and ensuring long-term feature support. It is validated under AER (Android Enterprise Recommended), a Google-led initiative that helps businesses confidently select, deploy, and manage Android devices and services best suited to their

  • Shop Honeywell ScanPal EDA51 Handheld Computer

    Honeywell ScanPal EDA51 Handheld Computer

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    Purpose-built with the right combination of features
    and accessories for light-duty applications

    The healthcare industry faces many challenges. Requirements are evolving rapidly.
    Mobile computers – purpose-built for healthcare – are critical tools to help address
    these challenges.
    From admissions to inventory management to the point of care, the ScanPal™
    EDA51 HC mobile computer is designed for light-duty applications. It features a fast
    Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ SDM450 processor, robust wireless connectivity, and
    12 hours of battery power, so medical professionals can access crucial work apps and
    information when and where they need it.
    Accuracy is essential for delivering quality care. That’s why closed-loop medication
    management and sample collection based on barcode reading is now the standard practice
    for patient safety. The ScanPal EDA51 HC equips you to instantly and accurately capture
    this barcode data – even if a barcode is damaged – with its powerful, integrated scanner. You
    can also document images to aid in patient care with the device’s autofocus, 13-megapixel
    color camera.
    And to help support your infection prevention protocols, this mobile device is made with
    a healthcare-grade housing that you can disinfect frequently over its entire three-year
    The ScanPal EDA51 HC helps you deliver excellent care at a low total cost of ownership.
    With its intuitive, modern touchscreen design, the device is easy to use with a short
    learning curve. In addition, its sleek and pocketable design is comfortable enough
    to use and carry all day – but rugged enough to survive in demanding healthcare
    environments. The device is also upgradeable through Android™ Q, giving your
    organization flexibility and built-in investment protection.

  • Sunmi V2 Pro Mobile Computer With Printer

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    SUNMI V2 Pro

    Such a mobile POS terminal was not here yet.
    The first mobile POS terminal with a 5.94-inch
    HD display will make your life simple. Sunmi
    V2 Pro is an ultra-slim concept with only
    13 mm at its narrowest point.

    The Sunmi V2 Pro is produced
    also in the Label print version,
    which allows printing self-adhesive
    labels and additionally contains
    professional 2D scanner.

    With a top-of-the-line design and
    ergonomic body, it fits perfectly
    into your pocket.

    With the anti-slip rear cover, it will never
    fall off the table and even if, the double
    casing will reduce the impact strength.

  • Chainway C75 Mobile Computer With Printer

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    C75 Mobile Computer with Printer

    Mobile Efficient Receipt Printing

    CChainway C75 is a handheld computer with large display and thermal printing. It supports various type of printing cores and enables quick printing of receipt. The built-in dual slots for PSAM cards help in easy encryption of data. And it boasts superb performance, and supports optional NFC, barcode scanning, etc. This mobile computer can be used in various sectors like retail, parking and so forth.

  • Chainway C6000 Mobile Computer

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    Rugged and Portable with High Performance

    Chainway C6000 is a rugged mobile computer. Configurated with optional barcode scanning, NFC and other functions, it features removable battery and powerful battery capacity. Its ruggedness and durability enables C6000 to meet the challenging requirements of logistics, warehouse management, etc and enhance working efficiency.


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    With your Windows-based vehicle mount computers near end-of-life and support for Windows-based mobile devices is ending, you’re ready to migrate to Android™. You need a rugged device that will make that migration and device management simple, easy and cost-effective. You need a keyboard to support your ‘green screen’ apps today, and a touchscreen to support the Android apps of tomorrow. And you need enterprise-class control of the Android operating system. Get it all with the VC8300.


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    With the VC80x, you can give operators in material handling vehicles mobile access to the desktop applications they need to complete tasks faster and more accurately. You get Android support in a super-rugged design built for your toughest indoor and outdoor environments — from warehouses and distribution centers to airports, seaports, railway yards and more. And, you’ll get the fastest wireless connections available to keep workers connected to your data and business applications. With its compact design and flexible mounting options, it is easy to install on forklifts, clamp trucks, yard mules, cranes and more. The VC80x — real desktop power for your material handling vehicles.

  • Datalogic SH15 Blackline / SH21 Blackline

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    The SH15/SH21 Blackline can be used in any industrial application

    The SH15 Blackline computer is a rugged vehicle mount computer (VMC) as well as a fixed mount unit for use in most any industrial application.

    The SH21 Blackline computer is an industrial computer designed for wall or fixed mount industrial applications.

    A sealed design tested to IP65/IP67 ensures operation for both computers in the toughest environments. The Capacitive Touchscreen features a 3 mm anti-glare armored glass which can be used even when wearing gloves.

    The SH15 Blackline and SH21 Blackline computers preserve all the rugged features found in the related Rhino II™ vehicle mount computers: sealed design, capacitive touch display, excellent Wi-Fi roaming capability and much more. As an added value, the SH21 Blackline computer with its slim and light chassis contains either an energy saving Intel® Quad-Core or Intel® Core i5-processors.  A high efficiency 110/230 VAC internal power supply is available for this product.

    Both computers offer a choice of Windows® Embedded Standard 7 or Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating systems.  Adding a hand held bar code scanner such as Datalogic’s PowerScan™ 9500 reader allows for quick data entry and location confirmations.

  • Datalogic Rhino II Vehicle Mounted Computers

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    Rhino II vehicle mount computers for ruggedness in the warehouse

    The Rhino II™ vehicle mount computers, available in both 10” and 12” display sizes, set the standard for ruggedness in the warehouse. A sealed design tested to IP65/IP67 ensures operation in the toughest environments. A dedicated freezer-rated model with integrated display heater allows use in and out of cold storage. The capacitive touch models feature 3 mm anti-glare armored glass, while still allowing use of gloves.

    Tailored for warehouse management, the Rhino vehicle mount computer increases productivity with its easy integration of PowerScan or other automated data collection devices.

    The Rhino II offers a wide choice of Operating Systems: Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7), Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and the new Android™ 7.1

  • In-Store and Warehouse Automation: The Future of Retail

    Newland WD1 Watch Scanner

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    #Gearup with the WD1

    The WD1 Watch Scanner ensures that data storage and processing are more mobile than ever with our Android-based smartwatch. While the design and weight are similar to a consumer smartwatch, the WD1 is specifically designed for harsh working environments. With a 2.8” capacitive touch, Android 9 GMS, a 3.300 mAh battery, WiFi and 4G, it’s the perfect companion.


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    Every task worker without mobile access to relevant information and the rest of your workforce is forced to take more steps and more time to complete tasks, eroding operational efficiency. Now, connecting your disconnected workers is easy with Zebra’s WS50 — the world’s smallest Android enterprise-class wearable mobile computer. It’s rugged, modular and at home everywhere — from manufacturing and warehousing to retail and hospitality. It’s versatile — this flexible computing core is modular, allowing you to choose the mount that’s right for the job: wrist, back of hand or two-finger. It’s small but mighty, packed with powerful business class voice and data features that drive productivity and accuracy into every task. It’s lightweight and ergonomic, comfortable and never in the way. And with no host device required, it’s the first of its kind, offering powerful data capture with single device simplicity

  • C61 Mobile Barcode Scanner in Dubai, Technowave Group

    Chainway – C61 Mobile Computer

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    Easy and Flexible Data Entry, Remarkable Data Capture Performance

    Chainway C61 is a new-generation rugged handheld computer. Built with Android 9 / 11 and Qualcomm Octa-Core processor, it supports 27keys / 37keys / 47keys optional keypad, features 6700mAh removable battery and quick charge, and offers optional trigger handle with extended 5200mAh battery, as well as abundant accessories. And it allows optional barcode scanning, RFID, NFC, etc. With robust data collection capability and high-powered dual-band WIFI, this mobile computer can perfectly fulfill applications in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, asset management, etc

  • Shop N7 Cachalot Pro Mobile Computers, Mobile Computing

    Newland – N7 Cachalot Pro Mobile Computer

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    The logistical step forward.

    The N7 Cachalot Pro takes the Newland Pro Series into rugged warehouse and logistics applications. This Mobile Computer adds processing speed, fast-roaming wireless connections, higher drop- and IP ratings and added flexibility through a choice of 3 keyboard layouts.

    The N7 Cachalot Pro elevates logistical performance through its Android 10 OS running on a Qualcomm processor. The selected chipset gives the Mobile Computer Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) status.

  • Buy PT60 Narvalo Mobile Computers at Technowave Group

    Newland – PT60 Mobile Computer

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    Built to work with Windows CE, you can be sure the device fits your operations perfectly.

    Equipped with a megapixel scan engine, the PT60 Narvalo combines an intuitive design with the latest in AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) technology. This makes the device particularly simple to use. Due to the speed and ease with which the megapixel scan engine scans both 1D and 2D barcodes, scanning is snappy and straight-forward.

  • Buy MT37 Baiji Mobile Computer with 2D Scan Engine in Dubai

    Newland – MT67 Mobile Computer

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    With the new Auto Range scanning capability

    The MT67 Sei runs on the Android 11 operating system with GMS. Packed with all the features and benefits of Android 11 OS, the MT67 Sei’s 2.0Ghz octa-core processor in combination with the 4GB RAM can easily run multiple applications. The 64GB flash memory enables vast data to be stored offline, making the device a truly powerful data capture solution in the Newland range.

    Ideal for multiple industries, including retail, logistics, and warehousing, the MT67 Sei Mobile Computer is a go-to device for various applications, from inventory management and order picking to shelf replenishment.

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