How Nordic Id Handheld Terminal Helps You Keep Track Of Your Assets?

Nordic Id Handheld Terminal

Businesses have used barcodes to identify things for decades, despite the difficulties they face with human labor and erroneous inventory that comes with barcodes. Barcode scanning has a limited reading range since the object must be in the scanner’s line of sight.

Radio frequency identification, or RFID is an alternative to barcodes that offers a far smarter approach to manage assets and record item information. Barcode-based scans can give some insight into an item’s information, although the data is typically restricted to general details like name, SKU, and maker. 

On the other hand, RFID offers reading accuracy, automation, and efficiency that are far better. With the help of an RFID technology-based asset tracking solution your company can save time & money being spent on real-time information about your whole inventory.

What Is A Nordic Id Handheld Terminal?

Nordic ID handheld terminal, also known as a Nordic ID  handheld scanner, is a Nordic company’s product that depends on automatic identification technology and merges information collecting and equipment terminal to support businesses with intelligent data processing, real-time data gathering, and automated data transmission.

Types Of Nordic Id Handheld Terminals

Following are the most prominent types of Types of nordic ID handheld terminals:


The Nordic ID HH85 is a tough RFID reader for collecting item data in demanding industrial settings like factories and warehouses.


The versatile barcode or RFID reader Nordic ID HH83 runs on Android and is both timeless and future-proof.


Nordic ID’s RFID Handheld Reader is useful for simple and quick data capture.

Handheld Rfid Readers Vs Rfid-Enable Scanners

A radio frequency identification (RFID) reader is a tool that extracts data from an RFID tag, which is used to track certain items. Data is transmitted from the tag to a reader using radio waves. In theory, RFID technology is analogous to bar codes.

On the other hand, handheld readers are lightweight, transportable gadgets that can talk to RFID tags. A specific kind of reader is one that is mounted on moving machinery like cranes and forklifts. They frequently have fixed-location conversations using tags.

Why Should You Embrace Handheld Rfid Readers?

For situations when the reader’s mobility is required while reading tags on the go, handheld RFID readers are an excellent choice. Handheld  readers include integrated antennae and displays for simple operation and fast data exchange. In addition to being great for tag programming, handhelds are frequently used for inventory taking.

At Technowave Group, we provide readers with products from well-known manufacturers in a range of form factors and pricing ranges. Get in touch with us if you need assistance choosing a handheld reader for your application.

How Does A Nordic Id Handheld Terminal Help You Keep Track Of Your Assets?

RFID asset monitoring technology enables you to know exactly and in real-time where all of your priceless circulation things are. RFID tags allow for tracking without having to count every item individually. Unlike a barcode, an RFID tag does not need to be in the scanner’s line of sight. As numerous tags can be scanned simultaneously, this results in quick reading.

The use of RFID can enhance the management of every item. It is now simpler to guarantee that sales are completed and that the store will profit as a result in the retail industry. Adopting the RFID system can lead to more profitable operations because there is a more precise accounting of the goods wherever they are stored.

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