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The most advanced mobile computer with the largest scan engine choice on the market

The new Skorpio X5 enables retailtransportation and logisticsmanufacturing, and healthcare companies to reach new levels of reliability and flexibility. This ultra-fast, high-performing key-based mobile computer has the largest multi-touch display in the Portable Data Terminal (PDT) market. It delivers everything companies need to ensure the utmost productivity and to stand out in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. The Skorpio X5 features dominant computational CPU power and the latest generation of scan engines, specifically designed and developed by Datalogic, including a unique Mid-Range imager and a 2D Extra-Long Range (XLR) imager. With these rugged tools, workers can immediately read any barcode, in any condition, whether labels are damaged, scratched, visible or under a plastic wrap. The Skorpio X5 is conceived for increased productivity and reduced error rates in operations, resulting in increased profitability. It delivers unmatched intuitiveness, user experience, stability, and security. The outstanding features of the Skorpio X5 are designed to fully satisfy all customers’ requests. The Skorpio X5 is more.

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RAM Memory: 3/4 GB; Flash Memory: 32/64 GB


Android 10 with GMS – 2 Main OS Upgrade Support


Qualcomm® SDA660 System-on-Chip 2.3 GHz


4.3 inch TFT / Transflective LCD with 800×480 WVGA pixel
resolution; LED backlight and integrated touch screen,
High brightness for Indoor and Outdoor High Visibility


Rear Camera: Resolution: 13 MP;
Illumination: User controllable LED flash
Not available on XLR version*


Removable battery pack with rechargeable Li-Ion
batteries; MicroUSB type-C for fast battery charging.
Standard: 3.7 V; Rated 3460mAh typical 3500mAh (12.8
Watt-hours); standard on all handheld models
Extended: Rated 6080 mAh typical 6200mAh (22.1 Watthours); standard on all Pistol Grip models


47-key alphanumeric, 38-key function numeric, 28-key
numeric; Keyboard with backlight

Barcode Scanner




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