Sensormatic Hard Tags

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Made for Exceptional Detection Performance, Durability and Ease-of-Use

We offer a wide range of Genuine Sensormatic hard tags to securely protect almost any item in any retail environment. Featuring benefit-denial, footwear protection, a delicate tag and more, the Sensormatic hard tag portfolio addresses and protects many high-risk product categories.
Sensormatic hard tags are available in three innovative technologies: Acousto Magnetic (AM) for excellent electrical interference immunity and performance on products containing liquid, metals, and
on foil packaging; Radio Frequency (RF) for protecting packaged goods with flexible application options; and
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for improved shrink visibility and loss prevention management. slimmest RFID as EAS reader combines state-of the-art RFID technology with sleek design for optimal performance
The first and only RFID as EAS system with time-of-flight sensors to accurately determine the speed and direction of RFID tag movement. Retailers can more easily interpret system alarms and determine if an item is being stolen Fully integrated Bluetooth for real-time data transfer and advanced inventory reporting capabilities

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