Zebra 8000T Void Matte

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Crystal clear facestock
 Outstanding print quality, smear and scratch resistance
 Good resistance to moderate and harsh chemicals and solvents
 Good initial tack to a wide variety of surfaces
 Tear and water resistant
 BPA free
 Latex free adhesive

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 Silver tamper-evident label construction
 Specially treated metallised adhesive leaves the word “VOID” on the surface if the label
is removable after application
 High quality adhesive offers superior strength and excellent adhesion on a wide variety
of surfaces
 Excellent low temperature performance
 UL approved for electronic equipment, as a label which will last as long as the product
 BPA free
 Latex free adhesive

Suggested Applications

Asset labelling where a tamper-proof solution is required
 Serial number plate labelling
 Warranty/authenticity labels
 Tamper-evident security labels
 Capital asset labelling
 Price labelling of high value products


Facestock Matte silver topcoated tamper-evident polyester 60 microns
Adhesive Permanent tamper-evident acrylic adhesive 27 microns
Liner White semi-bleached kraft liner 81 microns

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